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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Get The Fullest Advantage Of Online Learning

Every student can simply get promotion calculus online help here. Recently, the number of students using online learning or getting an online tutor has grown rapidly. There are no more borders to obtain sources from the internet in order to be a successful learner. We can be assisted by an online tutor to make our learning experience more convenient. In addition, online tutoring has become one the greatest alternatives to help every individual to overcome his or her learning problems. Moreover, every student can get the fullest advantage of online learning or online tutoring.
           By taking online tutoring, a student can always keep in touch with his or her online tutor. In addition, a student will be helped and assisted to overcome his or her specified problems in understanding a particular concept or subject. An online tutor will be ready to guide each student to not only overcome learning difficulties but also master the subject perfectly. If you are student, you should make sure that an online tutor can be a person who will help you becoming a successful learner. To sum up, the online learning presence can be a huge help for every student to achieve his or her goals to get a brighter future.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Online payday load, the best solution for your financial problems

A payday loans will help you to solve your financial problems. As we know that people can not escape from unexpected expenses in their life such as car accident, house repairing, and even family matter. By using online payday loan is the best choice, you will get your financial problem solved while you are just sitting at home.
It is not complicated to get online payday loan. First, you must be at least 18 years old. Second, you are required showing your source of regular income of $1,000 or more per month. Third, you must have a bank account. If all the requirement can be completed, you are deserved to get up to $1,500 in online payday loan.
You will get your money cashed since the approval process is very fast since your personal data and history can be verified quickly using computerized system.  You do not need to wait on waiting line. You can apply online how much money do you need, it will be approved and you get your money as soon as possible. Of course, we will guarantee your privacy matter. None will know your privacy. You do not have to pay the service; it has been attached in the interest. Is it easy, isn’t it? You can contact us for detail.

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A Quick Procedure Of Taking A Payday Loan

Recently, the number of people taking an online payday loan has grown rapidly. There are several factors included such as an easy procedure and a fast approval. By the help of internet, we can get a payday loan in a very short time. The qualifications are also very simply: having a monthly income, being eighteen years old or more, and having a bank account. It is very simple, isn’t it? Therefore, there is indeed a quick procedure to get a payday loan.
We can get or download a payday loan application right away. After completing the form or application, we can submit it. There is no need to wait any longer. Usually it takes one to two business days before our application is approved. However, there can be only in minutes that our application will be approved. We will be contacted when our application is approved by the lender. No longer after that, the loan or money will be deposited right away to our bank account. If we have a bad credit record, we can still apply for a payday loan through a bad credit history payday loan or no credit check payday loan. So, are you interested to take a payday loan now?

Portal of insurance provider to compare features easily

Nowadays, people are more mobile. They come and go from one place to another. Sometimes, public transportation is not enough to fulfill their needs, especially when they have quite limited time. They will need private vehicles. It means that the number of private cars will increase in order to fulfill people’s needs. The increasing number of vehicle will cause increasing number of accidents. Thus, car insurance is needed for people who owned private vehicles. Auto insurance can be one of the preparations to face the unexpected things, such as accidents. Unfortunately, to get the best quote of auto insurance may be very overwhelming, especially if you are the first time user.
Well, you do not need to worry anymore now because you have a portal of insurance provider, which functions at helping you selecting the best auto insurance for you and your family. In this portal, you will be able to find various insurance providers offering various facilities. You just enter your zip code and then you will be given some recommendations of insurance providers near your place. The information of every provider is available to be learnt and you can compare two or more insurance providers to see which one is better than the other.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Online Bookstores Offer New Technologies

Technology is changing the life of people - with the Web, more and more people are incorporating their computers or smart phones into their lives. Along with doing banking and shopping online, people are even more adding to that list of things that can be done online.
Online bookstores started by revolutionizing the textbook industry. When once students troop to neighborhood bookstores and spending hundreds of dollars on new books, online bookstores are selling used books, renting them out for a semester, buying used ones and offering digital versions. But what they can contribute to a student and professor's life doesn't end here - they are now adding new technologies and services to make education even more convenient to all:
  1. Shopping and Comparing Prices just got simpler - With the vastness of the Web, shopping is not always easy online. But online bookstores are making shopping for books easier, and cheaper - with one site, one click, the bookstore will show you different options available for a student, whether buying new or used, renting or downloading an eBook. You can also instantly see the prices per option, making it easier for you to choose between options and prices. With the rising prices of everything, saving money is truly important.

  2. Trade in your used book - If you need a book but lack the cash to do so, online bookstores are offering book trades or swaps. Simply type in your used book's information and you will see an assessment of the value of your book - either in dollar amounts, or in points. This money or these points can then work towards you getting a new book, without even breaking the bank!

  3. Classes are also now Online - Let's face it, students nowadays spend a lot of time online, on social networks where they connect with their friends and family. This is the same idea behind online class pages - connecting the professor and students. On these pages, users can collaborate, share tips and discuss with each other.

  4. Write instead of Recite - Some professors can benefit from class forums to extend class discussions online - perfect for checking for students' understanding of class topics. Instead of homework, students can gain credit for participating in forums. This is also a perfect venue for students to talk to professors, ask questions or clarify lessons.

  5. Digital Hand-outs - In the past, professors printed out hand-outs or notes and even syllabus, which is not the greenest solution out there. With class pages, professors can upload all important class documents, from readings to notes, for students to view at home using their computers.
There is much to look forward to, as technology gets more and more integrated with human lives. In the area of education, specifically, classes can evolve in the future and make learning more fun for both professors and students.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Picking a College Application Essay Topic: Learning How to Keep Your Reader Riveted

There are few college application essays that can boast doing something that's never been done before or that's new and unique to the college admission officers reading these essays. You can, and should, however, have your reader chuckling, cringing, smiling or ready to stand up and cheer. Albert Einstein once said that genius was 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Similarly, writing a stellar essay is some part personal accomplishment and some, at least equal part, creatively communicating your story.
· Telling someone you persevere is not nearly as believable as telling them (examples from actual essays) you lost sixty pounds bringing your body mass index (BMI) down to the healthy range, or that you never dropped a really tough class and won a student council election in one year despite battling mononucleosis, suffering a stress fracture from running cross country, and vomiting during the SATs (no, I'm NOT kidding).
· Indicating that you care about the environment by joining the school's recycling club is nice, but nothing compares to telling how the club (and hence you) collects and recycles a half-ton of paper per week or how you helped expand the program to include the recycling of small electronics and batteries.
· You may have encountered a life challenge that led to some personal growth, but saying just that isn't the most engaging way to convey your situation. I have had two students indicate that their three-point-whatever GPA doesn't tell the whole story... that they achieved this despite (in one case) living through a bitter parental divorce that necessitated police intervention, restraining orders, and caused serious emotional distress. The other student indicated how she was a very average teenager... plays soccer, good grades, loves shopping and hanging out with her friends, and that by looking at the consistency demonstrated in her high school transcript, you'd never when in there her mother died after a 2 year battle with melanoma.
The students who have more difficulty writing a vivid, engaging essay, are often those who aren't passionate about something... anything. You could love a sport (one student wrote an essay about being a mediocre but incredibly dedicated swimmer. While not stellar, he has gone from being unequivocally the worst swimmer on the team who could barely finish a race to ranking solidly in the middle of the pack. Most people he says, would have quit long ago, but he loves the challenge of self-improvement, and he then talked about how that same principle rang true in his academic life based on the unusually challenging courses he chose and then excelled in.
Making your ideas stick, whether verbally or in writing, whether in your college essay or in a TV advertisement, have some common elements. In the book, Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath give some suggestions for helping people communicate ideas clearly and meaningfully. Ideas that stick are simple. Don't try to include so much in your essay that your reader cannot decipher one or two clear ideas about you. Ideas that stick are also unexpected. You may want to communicate that you love swimming, but if the first line of your essay is something like, "I am unbelievably dedicated to swimming," the reader automatically knows what the rest of the essay is about. You have given away the punch line and your reader is less than captivated and may continue reading with a lot less interest. Instead, if you begin the essay by mentioning that your otherwise blond hair has turned a lovely greenish hue, your reader is likely to think that your part alien and must read on in order to find out how, why and what has happened to you. You can then go on to explain how much you love swimming. By indicating that you swim on the school team, a club team, that you teach lessons and lifeguard and that the continued and prolonged exposure to chlorine has turned your hair color (which isn't totally uncommon among the fish-like swimmers in the world), I now have some real perspective on your level of commitment to the sport AND I'm entertained. Your essay is memorable because you'll be known as the kid with green hair.
· Another fantastic essay was written by a young man who was a jerk. Let me clarify, I don't actually think he's a jerk, but in his college essay, he writes about a substitute teacher at his high school who called him one in front of his classmates. "Bob" was not violent, disruptive or disrespectful. In fact, I'd call him one of the most understated students with whom I've worked. So why the disparaging name calling?
Bob is an atheist. He is also patriotic, but he disagrees vehemently with the insertion of the "under God" statement in the Pledge of Allegiance which, he articulately argues, violates the constitutionally protected separation of church and state. Quietly and without fanfare, Bob opposed standing for the pledge. He never tried to recruit people to his "cause", or jump on his bandwagon. He was asked to "discuss" his position with the principal who ok'd Bob's (in)action, but this information was never passed along to the substitute who clearly didn't care for Bob's choice. Bob wrote about this incident in his college essay. He conveyed to colleges his logical, well thought out decision. Schools will learn that he is a young man of character and passion, and those are appealing qualities. The fact that a substitute teacher inappropriately passed judgment on a student, just gave Bob a unique vehicle for delivering a great message about himself.
One of the most common mistakes in college application essays is that the writer often sounds like he (or she) is dressed in a tuxedo awaiting royalty... loosen up and let your personality show! You have personality and this is your chance to show it. This doesn't mean that your writing shouldn't be grammatically correct or contain college-level vocabulary, but it can and should tell a good story, and the moral of the story is something revealing about you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Effectively Write Summaries for College

Everyone who has been to college knows what's going on during exam week. Pale faces in dining hall, no one who is down for a movie night, and desperate Facebook posts asking for summaries of course material.
I have always been very relaxed during exam weeks. I'm not highly intelligent, neither did I major in communication studies. I have simply found a way to prepare for exams in an efficient manner. The secret is, indeed, summaries.
Not just summaries, though. Summaries can cut your study time significantly. However, if you don't do it right, it might backfire. Here are some tips on how you can write summaries in a way that will cut your study time and boost your grades.
1) Don't decide what to leave out, but what to include
Scholars like to lose themselves in examples, long explanations, definitions, and so on. The result is a usually a blurry, extensive chapter or article.
The challenge you are faced with is to filter out the relevant point(s). What is the author trying to prove? And what of these points are relevant for the exam?
Before summarizing a chapter, you should therefore not decide what to leave out. Rather, you should start with a blank paper and decide what exactly is significant enough to be added to the paper.
2) There is no "right" or "wrong"
What is the ideal way to write a summary? In fact, the answer to this question depends solely on you. For many students, it is enough to read through a chapter and summarize it with keywords only. Other students, me included, like to read it through, and then summarize it as if they were writing a summary for someone else.
To find your ideal summarizing style, you need to simply experiment around. Whatever helps you the most is right for you.
3) Use Mnemonic Tricks
Especially when you have to memorize a number of names for example, it can be useful to include mnemonic tricks into your summary.
Imagine you had to memorize the planets of our solar system. Of course, you could try to remember the exact order by repeating the list over and over again. Or, you simple remember this catch phrase: "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizza-pies". By taking the first letter of each word, you get the first letter of the planet who is next in order (Mercur, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto).
The concept of a mnemonic trick is to take a simple rhyme, alliteration, or something similar, and use it to create links to the facts that need to be memorized. So instead of learning every planet of the solar system, you just remember a phrase that tells you how to get there.
No matter how ridiculous a mnemonic rhyme or so may sound: everything is allowed, as long as it helps you.
4) Ally With Your Class Mates
It was the end of the semester. I hadn't read any of the articles I was supposed to read, and neither did my class mates. I still remember my relief when I received an email in my inbox from a class mate who took the initiative with a simple plan.
Out of all the articles, everyone should choose one to read and summarize. A week later, I had summaries for all the articles I was supposed to read. I nailed that exam.
Now, if you decide to set up a similar agreement with your class mates, there are some things you need to remember. Make sure you include as many class mates as possible. In addition, send a list to everyone that indicates who is summarizing which article. This incentivizes your fellow students to actually do their work; if the public list says you are summarizing this particular article, you are peer-pressured to do so.
In addition, you should establish guidelines and a deadline to hand in the summary. You don't want people to send you half-page summaries, while others did ten times as much. This could corrupt the complete system. Tell everyone what the summary should look like and by when to send it.
By spreading the work collectively, everyone will profit. Don't be afraid to take the initiative; everyone will thank you.
Many people disregard summaries as a "short-cut to success". I, however, believe that in a time where we all are flooded with information, summaries can help with seeing the essential - and remembering it for the exam.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Final Dose of Information on Ground Support Equipment

In my previous article I began introducing a few types of ground support equipment. This is the third and final installment of articles focusing on ground support equipment. To recap, here is what we looked at thus far:
- Air Start Units
- Belt Loaders
- Catering Trucks
- De-icers
- Fuel Trucks
- Lavatory Carts and Trucks
Today we will look at four more different types of ground support equipment that is used daily at airports and aircraft grounds around the world. These, along with the previously mentioned equipment models, are all needed in order for the aviation industry to provide safe and reliable services. Let's have a look:
Push-back tugs and tractors
We have all found ourselves stuck at the airport, staring thoughtlessly out the window that overlooks the aircraft ramp. But have you ever noticed those tractors that push an airplane from a gate after it has been boarded or disembarked? Those are called push-back tractors, and they are used to manoeuver an aircraft and help position it for take-off or move it into the hangar. Most push-back tractors are equipped with automatic transmissions and diesel engines.
Stairs and Stair Trucks
As far as commercial flying goes, aircraft are typically connected to a gate in order for passengers to disembark. However, there are many instances when an aircraft is not connected to a gate, in which case aircraft stairs or stair trucks are needed. Ground support equipment crews will typically be equipped with both a mobile un-motorized stair unit and a stair truck.
Tow tractors
Tows tractors are similar to push-backs insofar as they are relied on to tow or move otherwise moveable equipment or vehicles. Although it is not designed to push or pull an aircraft, tow tractors are equipped to move baggage carts, catering trucks, and almost any other non-aircraft vehicle. Much like push backs, most tow tractors are equipped with automatic transmissions.
Wheelchair Lifts
An essential piece of ground service equipment is a wheelchair lift. Designed to allow disabled passengers to board and disembark an aircraft safely and comfortably, wheelchair lifts can be manoeuvered without any difficulty and are very easy to use. Most wheelchair lifts are non-motorized, and are resistant to most harsh weather conditions.
And that, my fellow ground support enthusiasts, concludes our spotlight on ground support equipment. After looking at ten different types of equipment, it becomes clear that there is a lot of action happening on ground-level in order for planes to undergo a smooth operation up in the sky.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Discover Where a Tourism Career Can Take You

The tourism industry functions on the talent and dedication of people who specialize in several different areas of expertise. The industry itself has dozens of domains, each of which contain many levels of operational areas. For example, resort travel is just one type of tourism that travellers opt for. In order for resorts to function properly and safely, this sector needs to be equipped with tourism professionals who have the appropriate expertise, including human resources, customer service, and hospitality management.
Resort travel is just one of many different types of tourism that the industry caters to. Aspiring tourism professionals actually have a wealth of choices when it comes to narrowing down their career options. Let's take a closer look at the variety of career specializations that exist in the travel and tourism world.
If you are the active outdoors-y type, perhaps a career in adventure tourism is exactly what you are looking for. Adventure tourism caters to people who are seeking a travel experience that will tie in exploration with action-packed recreation. The sorts of activities that an adventure tourism professional will guide travellers through include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Wilderness Trips
- Ocean Kayaking and River Rafting
- Avalanche Hiking or Mountain Climbing
- Heritage Exploration
It goes without saying that airlines are a major player in the tourism industry. While pilots and ground support crews are vital to a smooth operational system, the airline representatives that communicate with travellers directly are also key players in ensuring that airlines provide impeccable service. A career at an airline may include, but is not limited to, the following:
- Airline Customer Service Representative
- Flight Attendant Pre-Employment
Hospitality is the essence of the tourism industry. Great service, flawless communication, and above-standard quality of food, lodging and entertainment all play a pivotal part in offering travellers an unforgettable experience. Hospitality programs touch on several different types of hospitality, including resort management as well as the following:
- Hospitality Cruise Business Management
- Hospitality Operations
- Hotel Management
- Spa Management
Adventure tourism, airline careers and hospitality specializations are just a fraction of the career possibilities out there for aspiring tourism professionals to go out and pursue. From courses on how to instruct a group on river rafting to event planning courses, tourism programs will include a wide range of course options. And although the above list is just a sample of the sorts of careers that are prominent in the tourism industry, it gives a fair picture of how diverse the industry truly is.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Clinical Research Training Pathway to Fast-Paced Career in the ER

Prospective students of clinical research training may envision themselves working away in a quiet laboratory, but that is not the only kind of environment that these kinds of pharmaceutical courses can prepare you for. Graduates of pharmaceutical quality control are also needed to provide a research presence in the hospital emergency room (ER).
Why ensure a research presence in hospital emergency rooms?
Emergency rooms offer a unique opportunity for graduates of clinical research training, in that a wide variety of patients with a wide variety or problems pass through them. Some research hospitals have a practice of keeping graduates of pharmaceutical courses on hand in the ER to recruit subjects for clinical trials. They help identify eligible patients and enroll them in pertinent studies.
What does ensuring a research presence in an ER entail?
Graduates of clinical research training who pursue this career path will be responsible for assessing emergency room patients for eligibility for certain clinical trials. On any given day, they might be the lookout for subjects to participate in as few as one or two or as many as ten or more clinical trials.
As they will have learned in their pharmaceutical courses, these graduates will ask emergency room patients questions to ascertain their eligibility for trials. They will also have to proceed with tact, and in keeping with all relevant laws and regulations. One of the main topics of pharmaceutical quality control training is the importance of obtaining informed consent from human subjects.
Required skills
Pharmaceutical quality control students who are interested in pursuing this kind of work should ask themselves the following questions:
- Do they have good people skills? - Graduates of clinical research training who go on to ensure a research presence in ERs will need to interact with busy medical staff and stressed-out patients and their families.
- Do they have an eye for detail? - This kind of work is highly regulated. Enlisting human subjects to participate in pharmaceutical trials requires adhering to a strict protocol. Do you think that you have what it takes to balance ethical and scientific considerations, especially in such a fast paced environment as a hospital emergency room?
- Do you have compassion, but clear boundaries? - In the emergency room, you will be exposed to human suffering, but must not get caught up on it, or let it distract you from your work.
Although clinical research training may seem at first glance to prepare students for a life of quiet work in a sterile laboratory, it can actually prepare researchers for work in a variety of environments, including a busy, vibrant hospital ER. Graduates of pharmaceutical courses are needed in the field to screen and recruit patients for clinical studies. It is rewarding, but highly demanding work, best suited to researchers with highly developed people skills.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Making That Tough Decision To Go Back To College

Have you been experiencing a nagging feeling about going back to college? Is it because you're unhappy in your career, or hit a plateau and need something new? Well for me, at least a decade had passed before I began to think quietly to myself about if I should go back to college to pursue a Master's Degree. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from The University of Michigan in 1996, and I thought I was finished with higher education for the remainder of my life. However, after a stressful series of unfulfilling jobs and experiencing several layoffs in a tough job economy, I realized that I needed to build up my resume with additional education to make me a more valuable asset and employee. The job postings that I attempted to apply to desired people with a Master's Degree and several years of professional experience in various fields. The starting salaries on average were at least $10k more than what I was earning at the time, so those positions really seemed attractive to me. Although the job prospects were exciting and I felt that my current work experience and education was good enough, apparently it was not because those positions required applicants to have a Master's Degree. According to the CensusBureau's 2009 Current Population Survey, only 7.9% of the adult population in the United States has a Master's Degree. As exclusive as that number sounds and wanting to be a part of that demographic, it was difficult to contemplate going back to college to get another degree and spend thousands of dollars in doing so, especially after being out of school for so long.
As fate would have it, the trigger that woke me up out of complacency occurred at work one day, in March 2011, when I became disheartened by the work ethic and extreme sales tactics of the company I was working for at the time. I was frustrated with apathetic co-workers, the job, the 110 mile round-trip commute, and the hours. It scared me where my life was at that point. I also became worrisome about the job hopping that was developing on my resume, to no fault of my own - company layoffs and financial woes. Consequently, living in Michigan during the worst recession in my life (2007-to the present), I took jobs to pay the rent while hoping to find a better job. I even thought about moving out of state, but I already spent five years on the East Coast, only to be forced to move back home after the events of 9/11 in my beloved New York City. However, by living in a state hard hit by the recession and suffering from high unemployment rates, that in of itself forced my hand and provided me the motivation to seek a better life professionally, and financially, by making the decision to go back to college.
In the back of my mind, I automatically knew which university to apply to, and what to study for. I pride myself in being a decisive person, so once the seed was planted in my mind, I knew what I had to do. Based on a hobby that I have been active in for the better part of a decade, writing online and participating in social media developments, I knew that the Communications field was the future career for me. I applied to Eastern Michigan University and got accepted and started my program in the Fall of 2011. As of this moment, I am taking 6 credits a semester, and after 5 classes thus far, while working full-time, and actively engaged in my personal social media work, I have a 4.0 GPA. I was meant to be back in college and I could not be more elated and feeling proud! I am scheduled to graduate with a Master's Degree in Communication in the Fall of 2013, and I want to create my own communications based online business, as well as work in the public sector in helping an organization with its communication and marketing needs. I only wish I could have made this decision earlier, but upon reflection, this really is the perfect time to be in school as I know 100% what my goals are, and I am much more mentally and emotionally stable to demonstrate the discipline that working full-time and driving to class at night requires.
It's very easy to tell someone that if I can do it, you can too. If you're reading this and some of what I have shared with you resonates with you on a personal level, and you're in a quandary about what to do with your life and career, then think no further and contact some universities that offer the program you're interested in, talk to a college advisor, and see if it's a match for your lifestyle (or better yet, make it happen), and just go for it. I believe that if you've come this far, why not take just a few more steps to be happier?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Getting the Best Education With a College Admissions Counselor

Are you prepared to send your child to college? Knowing which academic institution can hone the talents of your child is challenging if you have no direction about the current college admissions landscape. There is no use starting the admissions process early if you do not know which colleges can offer vast opportunities for your child. In addition to this, the college entry process can be complex. For students and their parents to go about this correctly, they will need to hire college counselors.
Reasons to Hire a College Counselor
A college admissions counselor can help you in many ways. This professional can make sure you have a good choice of college for your child. A professional counselor can also lessen the stress brought about by the long and tiring admission process. It is no wonder many families seek the help of private consulting companies.
You may have specific requests with academics, athletics, and other learning needs. A college admissions counselor can check various colleges with special programs for your child. This assures your kids that they will go to a school that best suits them. Part of the duties of college consultants is attending many conferences and visiting campuses regularly. They should have a wide array of professional resources and a wealth of experience with high school preparations and organizing admissions requirements.
Counseling Services Outside School
The ratio of counselors offering college counseling to students in many high schools is extremely high. In most cases, they reach 500 students to one counselor. Because of this, school counselors do not have enough time to individualize the process for their students. Even the most experienced high school college counselors may have difficulty dealing with too many students. They may not provide enough care and attention your child deserves.
Most of the time, schools assign in-house college counselors to do other additional tasks at their high schools. Some of these include guidance counseling on personal formation, scheduling appointments, conducting career and personality tests, and record keeping. They do not have time to attend conferences and college tours. This results to poor relationship with admission representatives. As a result, they are outdated on recent college admission news and admission requirements.
This is one reason parents have to look for college admissions counselors outside the school. Most prefer working with both in-house and private counselors. Most professionals offering counseling services in high schools follow strict rules, requirements, and job description of their schools.
The additional insight private consultants offer can be a good asset to in-house counselors who must write hundreds of recommendation letters. The relationship maintained with a private consultant can remain confidential depending on the discretion of the family. The release of any information is also dependent on the family's decision.
Useful Reminders
If you are planning to hire reputable college counselors, get those who visit different colleges. Get one who knows how to prepare college lists, assist with college essays, and work on activity resumes. Your chosen consultant should know how to advise on campus visits, letters of recommendations, interviews, summer programs, and internships. They should also have an understanding of what admissions personnel want in their candidates.
If you are looking for good consultants, you may check out online sites like coopercollegequest.com. They can provide good consultants who can help your child with the process. Consultants may also offer valuable information about where to get academic tutors who can help them with college entrance exams.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Desk Job Like No Other: Hospital Administrators

In order for medical professionals to be able to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible, the hospital depends on a large group of administrators to facilitate the complex and often chaotic atmosphere of the hospital. You may want to run right into an emergency room and jump right onto the examination table, but you wouldn't want other patients doing this when it is finally your turn. Hospitals need organization, and there are many exciting careers to be had in this field.
Hospital Switchboard
Great hospitals function best when they run on smooth and quick communication. Messages are constantly relayed from internal departments, emergency calls, EMS services, and various other operators. Responsibilities include knowing how to prioritize calls, pages and messages, dealing with patients over the phone, and managing the operational patchwork of the hospital's internal phone system. This job is kind of like a telephone operator in a high-paced action movie, but in this case, lives might really be on the line.
Patient Registration
Another position taught as part of a medical office assistant program is patient registration. This employee will deal more face-to- face with people and thus not only needs to have excellent patience inside, but to maintain a cool and sympathetic demeanor on the outside as well. Tasks in this position include taking patient details, scheduling appointments, writing the doctor's scheduled visit list, and regulating patient visits from family and friends. This person is often the face of the hospital.
Morgue Attendant
This may sound like a very morbid job, but that does not mean that it is unsuitable for someone motivated to work in the healthcare industry. Nonetheless, it is an important role and requires a serious and organized individual. The morgue attendant should also be sympathetic, as they will sometimes have to deal with bereaved friends and families.
Hospital Cashier
Many people have worked as cashiers in part-time jobs, which they got with little or no experience. Working in such a capacity in a hospital is not all that different, except that it requires medical office assistant training. This person works with numbers just as much as with people. Their duties may include taking payments, administering the paperwork for medical insurance plans, handling remittances for patient accounts, and helping with any other administrative billing accounts.
Desk work does not have to be boring, and more importantly, it can be an important contribution to an industry as vital as the healthcare industry. The hospital as a place of employment isn't for everyone, but if you are up to the challenges involved, it can be wonderfully gratifying.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Employ Yourself With a Business Administration Diploma

Did you ever build and work a lemonade stand when you were young? If you did, and although you probably didn't think about it at the time, but you were a self-employed entrepreneur who handled almost every aspect of business administration yourself. In terms of financing, you asked your parents for enough money for lemons. For production, you squeezed the lemon juice and mixed it with water and sugar. For marketing, you set up your table and made a sign, maybe posted signs around the neighborhood and told your family and friends to come by. In operations and sales, you sat behind the table for hours and helped refresh your customers. Even for human resources, you perhaps get some friends to help you out and then compensated them with a cut of the share, or by giving them unlimited access to your freshly squeezed lemonade.
Operating a lemonade stand is easy, despite having to multi-task almost every single aspect of running a business on your own. This is not to say that it is impossible to be self-employed as you get older and move into more competitive markets, but it takes more than relying on your parents and the community to get your business rolling. You may not want to spend years getting a university degree and memorizing business theories before you set out to work. And you may not be interested in choosing a specific field of business if you want to run the whole show. Getting a business administration diploma is a speedy way to getting the know-how and training to having your own business.
Studying business administration is like a fast-track through every aspect of running a business from financing to production to marketing and beyond. While this education is also perfectly suited for someone wanting to enter a large company, for those interested in working for themselves, here are a few examples of self-employed work, with examples of the many aspects of business administration training required:
  • Language instructor or translator - learn how to set competitive rates, advertise your services, and do proper customer feedback.
  • Management consultant - use your business administrative skills to help companies be more efficient and profitable, while managing your own business as a consultant.
  • Talent agent - for models, actors or musicians, bridge the financial and contractual gap between the artistic and creative types and the business side of the industries they are trying to break into.
  • Physiotherapist - acquire the space and equipment needed, get clients through advertising and industry referrals.
  • Custom furniture maker - balance the cost of materials with the time and energy required to produce furniture and the individual costing for each customer.
  • Videographer and video editor - figure out overhead costs of equipment computer software against individual client costs when quoting a job.
This is just the beginning of the list of self-employed work, but in reality almost anyone in any industry can work for themselves. The point is to demonstrate how some of these professions use different aspects of general business administration. What is important about the right training overall is knowing how to balance your own time, financial means and physical capabilities with your ambitions.